Automation for sectional garage doors of up to 12 m2 and up-and-over doors of up to 11m2

Books is the innovative KINGgates automation for sectional doors.

Available in the 600N and 1000N versions with belt drive with 6 steel cables and in the 600 Led and 1000 Led versions with built-in courtesy light to improve lighting in the garage.

Installation times are optimised by the 3 or 4 m pre-assembled tracks and control of travel by encoder, reducing programming to a minimum and guaranteeing rapid reaction to obstacles.

The possibility of rotating (0°-90°) attachment of the motor to the track allows it to be installed even in shallow garages.
The particularly reliable and silent belt drive, assisted by an 18-tooth pinion, eliminates the risk of slipping, making Book an example of made-in-Italy and made-in-KINGgates creativity.

Book is also available in kit version.