Automation for sectional doors up to 10 m2 and overhead doors up to 8,5 m2

Elevo is the new automation for garage doors by KINGgates. Available in 3 kits with guides in single pieces or in 3 pieces of 1 metre each.
Thanks to the 620 N torque of the motor, this device is the ideal solution to open and close sectional doors up to 10 m2.
Just a few minutes to assemble this automation: the guide is already completely assembled in a-single-piece version while pro les are connected thanks to 2 strong groove joints in the 3-pieces version. The assembling of the motor group with the guide quickly occurs through 4 screws and in case of problems of encumbrance to the ceiling, the motor is designed to be angled of 90° with respect to the axle of the guide.

The pro led steel guide guarantees a smooth movement of the door during the opening and closing phases, while the use of the belt with steel core allows to get a low level of noisiness. The sturdiness of the guide in the 3-pieces version is guaranteed by 2 joints of printed steel

Elevo becomes even more powerful and simple to program, thanks to the newly developed control panel STAR EVO. The installation procedure follows the same logic that distinguishes all KINGgates control units. The main parameters are adjusted intuitively using 3 potentiometers and 4 dip switches. The garage lighting is guaranteed by a practical LED courtesy light integrated into the electronic board.